Sistem Pengurusan & Pemantauan Projek Pembangunan (SP4) is a must in order to manage and observe project development status. Not just that, preparation of reports and analysis of overall projects can be done effectively and sistematic. This system's management will be more efficient with the implementation of Geographical Information System's module.

We at KBSE has developed an Integrated Executive Information System (iEIS) where Geographical Information System and Project Development Management System integrated into one system. There are three (3) phases in the development:

  • FASA 1 - Sistem Pengurusan Dan Pemantauan Projek Pembangunan
  • FASA 2 - Sistem Tinjauan Status Projek Dan Maklumat GIS
  • FASA 3 - Pengumpulan Data-Data GIS Di Lokasi Projek