Road Data Management is developed for comprehensive road data management. This system is used to store geospatial data into compatible format. Not just that, updating and evaluating can be simplified and increase results in management plan.

The Concept

Road Data Management able to separate ,filter and categorize data from raw data taken from SeliaScanner device and display data in tabular view.Processed data can be saved into more flexible file format (either dat or xls) format. The system also able to combine and display location information, images and maps related to the location. The use of symbol, color and shape on every map is done strictly on JKR and JUPEM standard. Mapping basic tool has been integrated to the system for displaying purpose.The system can display point motion, point information and point images in the same time; real time.


  • User friendly output.
  • Able to extract only required data that will be use.
  • Data stored into one file in order to avoid problems.
  • Able to display GPS information and images
  • Visual analysis regarding the road condition can be done effectively.